Private Group Tours

& Investigations are available for events such as:

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • VIP Clients & Guests
  • Corporate Outings & Events
  • School Field Trips
  • (tours will be spooky but age-appropriate, special student rates available)
  • Media visits including film & television production
  • Costumed Ghost Storytellers to appear at private functions
  • Reunions & Community Events

FAQs & DETAILS  (please read!)

  • BRING YOUR CAMERA! Photos are not only welcomed, but encouraged! Our guides will explain what to look for and show you areas that are 'hot-spots' for activity. While of course nothing is guaranteed, you really have to see some of the images our guests capture on film to believe it! (We would hardly believe some of the pics ourselves had we not been there!) We also have EMF meters available for purchase in our store at a 15% discount for tour guests.
  • GHOST TOURS OBVIOUSLY HAVE YOU MEANDERING OUR OLD, NARROW BRICK STREETS AT NIGHT IN THE DARK.  Please wear appropriate footwear and watch your step, as sometimes we venture across fields or unpaved areas in search of the supernatural. Please always use basic common courtesies on the tours and be respectful of your fellow guests and guide at all times.
  • TOURS DEPART RAIN OR SHINE & ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  While we generally do not offer refunds, but we may allow you to reschedule or transfer your tickets with proper notice. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in for your tour.
  • ST. AUGUSTINE HAS A LONG HISTORY OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY DUE TO ALL THE BLOODY BATTLES AND EVENTS HERE OVER THE CENTURIES.  We share not only the ghostly tales of haunts that still reportedly linger, but the REAL history of why the sites we visit are supposedly haunted... the TRUE stories behind those ghosts and legends. We'll also explain the different types of haunting energies found and how paranormal investigators classify and explain these experiences.
  • AS THE ORIGINAL GHOST TOUR COMPANY IN TOWN THAT TRULY STARTED IT ALL, WE STRIVE TO BE THE BEST!  We will not herd you through in huge tour groups just to repeat a few questionable stories like some of the other 'ghost tours' do. Our guides genuinely love St. Augustine's history. Yow will learn the REAL history behind all the ghosts and legends and why these sites are believed to be haunted. Every tour experience is different, as each individual guide is unique. While we are the only tour company to have an on-staff Director of Education to verify the authenticity of all information presented, our guides themselves constantly research and seek out new information to share along with their own individual sightings and past experiences leading ghost tours.
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE IN GHOSTS TO JOIN OUR TOURS.  But please at least come with an open mind or a genuine interest in hearing the stories of the past and why it is believed that certain areas are 'haunted.' We've had numerous 'converts' who join us as skeptics, but leave us as die-hard believers.
  • OUR 'A GHOSTLY EXPERIENCE TOUR IS SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES.  Though you know your child's 'scare' level better than we do, so it is truly your call. Our tours are also suitable for wheelchair guests. Haunted Pub Crawls are for 21 and up only. All guests will be carded at the taverns we visit. Details for our Paranormal Investigations vary by location, and info may be found on the schedule page for those particular tours. The Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley Tour is operated by Old Town Trolley, and all tickets sales are subject to their policies & procedures.